Friday, February 1, 2013

Words, Words, Words

I love listening to a kid who's learning to talk.  So many awesome sounds and attempts and delightfully butchered words.  I still grin when the big one asks for "opameal with ray-rays" (oatmeal with raisins).

The Little One, who's been slow to talk and just turned two, is finally showing an interest.  He tries new words every day and even strings together little sentences.  He ran around saying, "Fyash-yite" and beaming for a full day after he figured that one out.  It's adorable.  And thank god, because all that evil monkey screeching really gets on my nerves.

Here are a few recent gems from the mouths of my babes.  Now you can translate.  You're welcome.

Big One-isms:

Flumb = Thumb

proburbly = properly

Little One-isms:

Bunner nunner = belly button

Perrrr = Pear

Buck me! = buckle me

Fock tuck!= box truck

Shuree = scary

Shishy = fishy

Pull = apple

bow = rainbow

star/yite = light

Waterrr = any beverage of any kind (but usually referring to milk)

Hock = sock

Bootch = boots

Hfmell = smell

fplass = splash

shooewk = scoop

mees = please

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