Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Little One is Four!

This last week, the Little One turned four. I am in shock. Four is huge. Four is old. My baby is a kid now. It's freaking me out.

Initially, he was highly pissed off about turning four. He wanted to skip directly to five so he could be the same age as the Big One. I had to break the bad news that skipping four wouldn't work because, unfortunately, math. But! On his birthday he woke up and announced, "I four! I not mad at four anymore. I happy!" And so we usher in a new year for the tiny fella. Who, by the way, is not so tiny. He's huge in fact. Did I mention that his rapid growth is freaking me out? BECAUSE IT IS.

The Little One, who is a total anomaly in the Squishy Family, does not like cupcakes. He doesn't like cake. Or cookies. I know. I know. I can't figure it out either. But he does love doughnuts, and that's what he wanted for his birthday treat. So, we trucked on down to the doughnut shop and got all hopped up on sugar and fat and celebrated our new four year old. And it was good. He got to have his Special Day at school, we made a poster of hilarious pictures of his tiny Nutella covered self, and general goodness happened. So here's to the Little One. Happy birthday, my little love. Thank you for bringing your goofy self into our lives. xoxo

*    *    *

Also, the holidays happened. We schlepped the kiddos across the country to be with family and we saw so many people and got to say "I love you" in person, which is just as it should be at the holidays. But hot damn, traveling with 2 little kids is a pain in the ass. OY. Thank everything for travel DVD players.

I hope you had lovely holidays, oh Squishy readers. I hope you were surrounded by love and food and drink and family and had the chance to relax. Or, if not, I hope you were at least able to binge-watch a couple of HBO or Netflix series while eating ice cream in bed.

Also also, I did some writing. I was honored to have a piece from this blog posted over at The Manifest-Station. It's such a lovely site and the work there is just stunning. I feel truly lucky to have joined the incredibly writers featured over there.

And I had pieces up (the same day, even!) at my regular gigs: My latest at Luna Luna, Girl Fight, and my latest at Rattle & Pen, The Imagining.

*    *    *

And, as always, weird stuff continues to come out of our mouths. Weird Stuff We Say, Part 2037483!

Now featuring the all new "My Grampa" series! Crazy stories the Little One makes up about his grandpa. None of them are true. All of them are hilarious.

Little One: "My grampa has a feet beard!"

"My grampa had a pet apple!"

"My grampa has a house farm with cows and chickens and sheeps. And one more. A T-Rex! And a moose and a lion."

"My grampa has an apple city!"

Daddy: "It's really not hard Little One, I'm telling you what to think."

Daddy: "I want you to like me."
Me: "I do like you."
Daddy: "But not like a pet."

Little One: (while excitedly singing the ABCs) "2 R S, T U 3..."

Little One:
crashbrowns = hashbrowns