Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Got the Boot, Yo.

I did.  I got the boot.  No, really.

Okay, I got A boot.  A walking version.  Sexy, no?

Remember that pesky little stress fracture I got back in April?  Yeah.  Turns out the "wait it out and see what happens" method isn't very effective.  Shut up.  It's been 9 months and it still sucked enough that my husband finally convinced me to go the podiatrist my GP said I could "go to if I wanted."

I have some third metatarsal rage action going on, so since I cannot feasibly "stay off my feet" (which was the other genius medical advice I laughed at from my GP) I get to wear this sexy thing for a while.

Six weeks of attempting to chase a 2 year old and a 3.75 year old in this baby.  Uh huh.  No problem.   Also?  I'm suddenly wearing a single orthopedic platform shoe, so my back hurts.  They really need to rename this particular footwear.  It's more of a hobbling boot than a walking boot.  Damn misnomers.

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