Friday, November 30, 2012

What's in a Name?

A blog by any other name... still sweet, yes?

So, I need to change the name of this here blog.  I don't need to, need to, but I want to.  The reasons are twofold:

#1. The original name (You Shall Be My Squishy) comes from my nickname for babies ("Hello, Squishy!  You are SO SQUISHY!"), but it is also a reference to a scene in Finding Nemo.  Now, listen.  I'm not dogging the movie.  I like the movie.  I totally stole my nickname for babies from the movie!  It's just that I may be sending the wrong message by referencing a Disney/Pixar film when I like to say "fuck" a lot.  Know what I mean?

#2. I don't want to get sued.  I do understand that in order to get sued, more than 10 people would have to read this.  However, I am ever hopeful that my readership will expand exponentially and at that point, it would be super awkward when Disney/Pixar calls and says, "Hey.  Those are our words.  Pay us a lot of money if you want to use them."  And then I'll have to be like, "Dude.  I don't have any money.  You do, though!  Want to pay me for reminding people how much they like Finding Nemo?"  And then they'd be all, "No.  We don't.  You have to pay us.  Get a lawyer."  And I'd be like, "Can't.  Refer back to the no money part."  And it would be this whole long, awful battle wherein Disney/Pixar would win anyway and I'd have to change the name in the end.  SO!  I'm beating them to the punch.  Genius, no?

Point is, I'm changing the name.  I'd like to keep Squishy in there, cause that's what I called (and still periodically call) my babies and I like it.  So there.  Plus, so many possible references and innuendos, so little time.

I think I've come up with a suitable replacement.  I'd like to try it out on you.  Let me know what you think.  I'll put it in big, flashy letters so you're impressed and stuff.  Ready?!?  The new name will be:

Becoming Squishy

So?!?  What say you?  Is it good?  Is it catchy?  Is the font big enough?  DO YOU LIKE IT?!?!  
I mean, it kind of doesn't matter, because I have to change it anyway since Disney/Pixar is clearly seconds away from suing my ass... (after they're done laughing about buying LucasFilm and the potential to further bastardize Star Wars), but still, I seek your approval.  

Anyhoo... I hope you like it.  I do.  Now I just have to figure out how to change my Blogger name and make sure my archives don't disappear into the ether.  

Crap.  That sounds hard.  I need a tech person.  Or skills.

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