Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stuff We Say

All of these things came out of the mouths of my family in the past couple days.  I'm really hoping other families have conversations like this, because otherwise....

The Big One:

- While playing "Spaceship Man" in the cardboard box spaceship Daddy built, the Big One says,
"Space is long."
That's deep, man.  Real deep.

- After I complimented him on his love of veggies while he crunched on some carrots:
Big One: "T-Rexes- with two fingers (holds up two fingers like a t-rex)- they eat carrots, too."
Me: "Do you mean carrion?  T-Rexes like to eat carrion?"
Big One: "Nope.  Just carrots."
Turns out they're WAY less scary than we originally thought.

- Explaining Jack and the Beanstalk: "Jack came from the bean-stop."  Yup.  Sho' nuff, little dude.

- Me to Daddy: "Oh, stop hating my guts for a minute, wouldya?"
Big One (very seriously): "No hitting butts.  No, no."

- Big One: "When I'm really big, I wanna touch the dark.  I want to fall off the earf [earth] and touch the dark."
Me: "Do you mean you want to be an astronaut?"
Big One: "Yes!  I want to be an astronaut and touch the dark!"
Whoa.  Just... whoa.

The Little One:
Little One: "Water?" (pointing at milk)
Me: "Say, 'Milk.'"
Little One: "Water."
Me: "Milk.  Say, 'Milk.'"
Little One: "Water."
Me: "Milk.  Muh-muh-muh-milk."
Little One: "Muh-muh-muh-water."
Me: "Fine."

"No food in your holes." This was in response to the Little One sticking a green bean in his ear.  Filed under Things You Never Thought You'd Say.

Also, this happened:

Note the many slices of cucumber wedged into the cabin of the dump truck.  Why?

Being a parent is so super, duper weird sometimes.

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