Thursday, July 19, 2012

Please Make the Lambs Stop Screaming

I just experienced my first full-on, committed, psychotic, no-holds-barred, kicking, screaming, hysterical big boy tantrum two days ago.  It lasted 40 minutes.  And it started because I wouldn't give him free reign with the squeegee in the shower.

So he kicked the shower walls and threw his towel on the shower floor.  Then it escalated because the towel I gave him to replace the now soaking-wet one was too small.  The Too Small Towel tantrum lasted a full 20 minutes on its own.  Then it escalated further when he finally went to use the too-small towel and realized that he was already dry (having air-dried whilst tantruming).  So then the tantrum became a Where Are My Drips; I Need New Drips tantrum.

(FYI: Attempting to explain evaporation to a screaming, kicking, writhing 3 year old is not effective.  The more you know.)

Finally I decided that I just needed to get him in bed, at which point getting him dressed for bed turned it into the I Need To Go Hide tantrum.  Because naked hiding is, apparently, the only logical option when one's towel is too small and one has no drips.

Round two happened yesterday.  This one was over blueberry yogurt.  It lasted 35 minutes.  Apparently we are making progress?

Holy shit.  I have no idea what is happening, but it is highly unpleasant.

(Ed. Note: The title of this post is stolen directly from the mouth of a good friend and fellow mama.)

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