Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Attack of the Sappy: More Things to Remember

I am in need of more fodder for smiles.  Below is such fodder.

Things That Make Me Smile:
* The Little One is a head-banger in waiting
* The Big One is a break-dancer in waiting
* Words like: "fpider" (spider), "fponge" (sponge), "fweeper" (sweeper), "balilla" (gorilla), "bazoo" (zoo), and "lip cream" (whipped cream)
* When the Little One grabs any of his lovies or sees a stuffed animal from across the room and comes a-runnin' yelling, "BAAAA-EEEYY!!"  Followed by snuggle and, "Mmmmm" to said baby.
* The Little One's first words upon entering his room in the morning/after nap: "HIIIiiii!!!"  Spoken in exact same ridiculous tone I use.
* The Big One will sit in his crib for a freakishly long time just. reading. books.  And listening to "my symphony" (classical music).
* The Big One's new habit of leaning over and kissing my arm at random moments
* The Little One's new talent of jumping- the cutest part being the prep required and his proud grin after he jumps
* The Big One's booty dance
* Watching the kids gallivant in the sand on the first beautiful sand-worthy day of the year
* The way they both run for me with arms spread wide and giant grins whenever I return from "that store"
* They are finally learning to play together without maniacal screeching.  It is a wonder to behold.

Music That Makes My Kids Boogie:
* Tribe Called Quest (specifically, anything from Midnight Marauders)
* Talking Heads
* Any of Daddy's music
* 70s funk (or nouveau 70s style goodness like Escort)
* Caspar Babypants
* Bob Marley (we sing "Three Little Birds" to them as a lullaby)

The Big One's Ideal Mixed Tape:  (aka: "Mommy!  It's my song!!")
* We Are Young by Fun.
* Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
* Somebody I Used To Know by Goyte
* The Weight by The Band
* Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
Cool Like Dat by Digable Planets
* Hey Ho by The Lumineers
* Anything by Daddy
* Anything by Wil "Uncle Woolis" Blades
* "That Monkey Song" (aka: Monkey Gone to Heaven by the Pixies)

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