Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things to Remember

'Tis Valentine's Day and I should probably be proclaiming love n' shit.  But hot damn if those darling kiddos of mine weren't throwing peas everywhere and refusing to sleep today.  They know not what they do and alas, they are not yet aware of little chalky heart thingies.  So... this.

On days like today, I find it important to have something to look at to remind me why I do what do.  When I was teaching, I borrowed an idea from a mentor and that thing was something cheesily called a "Smile File."  I filled it with kind letters from students, notes from fellow teachers, especially awesome assignments and anything else that made me happy and reminded me why I chose to teach.  Teaching is an incredibly difficult job, but a job worth doing.  My Smile File helped me remember that.

I am finding now that I'd like something similar to remind me why I love being the mother of two young boys.  On the days when want to sit down and cry into my applesauce-crusted arms, it would be nice to be able to cut myself off at the pass and take a little look-see at the things that make me smile.  I love my boys and I never, ever doubt that.  Ever.  But sometimes after a hard day and little sleep it becomes difficult to remember why I love being home with them.

So, this is my file o' love for staying at home with my two little whipper-snappers.  Apropos on Valentine's Day, no?  Try not barf.  Perhaps even smile.
(And don't be alarmed by my waxing happy.  I'll be back to my whiny, complainy self in no time.)

Reasons I Love Motherhood:
* Hugging my babies
* Receiving spontaneous and heartfelt hugs, kisses, and "I love you"s.
* Words like "opameal" (oatmeal), "fravrite" (favorite), and "noom" (balloon)
* Actually watching the wheels turn as a new idea develops
* Watching them try something new every single day
* The shit-eating grins they grace me with right before they do something they know is naughty
* Watching them sing and dance and my amazement at how naturally it comes to both of them
* Even on the days I can't come up with a reason to laugh, they give me one

Reasons to Love Having Two Kids Under Three:
* Listening to my toddler sing to my baby
* Watching them crack each other up until each is red-faced and rolling around on the floor
* Listening to them blow raspberries on the living room window with periodic pauses for the toddler to giggle and the baby to chortle like a 90 year old man
* The spontaneous composing of songs like: "Wren, I Love You. Yes I Do."  Soon to be a Top 40 hit.  Look out, Beiber.
* The way the little one looks at the big one.
* The way the big one looks out for the little one when he doesn't think I'm paying attention
* In approximately one year, I will be done with diapers FOREVER and my house will no longer smell like poop

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